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Most offline businesses know that going online will bring them more sales, yet they’re faced with obstacles such as…

1. Huge upfront investment with shaky promises (High Risk)
2. Inventory management becomes troublesome (Manual Work)
3. No tech-savvy employee / lack of manpower (Expertise)

Here’s our three-phase concept to tackle these key challenges.

1. Start Small

We approach the development of your online presence by starting with campaigns. While you get used to selling online, we help you figure out what works and what don’t.

2. Scale Steadily

As we progress, we will help you plan how to scale up your online presence. Be it social media strategies, innovative campaigns, or offline conversion campaigns – we can devise a plan for you.

3. integrate in phases

By splitting up the integration into bite-size stages, we make it a point for your journey to be pleasant with us. Rest assured that there will be no hiccups during the several steps for integration.

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